Golden Threads is a curated vintage clothing and accessories business based in Los Angeles, California. Collections are heavily geared towards women, though the occasional men's capsule does pop up from time to time. Styles oscillate between casual fun and formal not too serious but also pretty chic and classy (classic silhouettes are our favorite)!

We care very much about fashion but also the bigger picture of what it means to shop sustainably and eliminate waste. This often means reimagining a piece to give it new life. We regularly transform out-of-style 80's era dresses into modern 2-pieces, dye garments that are feeling lack luster, and have been known to create fabulous Kaftans out of old Victorian-Era tablecloths.

We sell primarily through our Instagram and e-commerce platforms, as well as various markets like A Current Affair, Pickwick Vintage, and beyond.


Devin Pietschmann is the Founder & Creative Director of Golden Threads Vintage.
Growing up as a teen in East-LA in the 90s, Sunday Church was the JetRag $1 Yard Sale. In the thrill of finding novelty one-of-a-kind items, she found her truest form of self expression through vintage and at a young age. The passion to share this gift with others quickly led to a sort of personal shopping for friends and family.

In 2015, she officially launched Golden Threads Vintage. After years of working in corporate and personal styling as a young adult, she transitioned her life-long hobby into a full-time business. What first began as a weekend rack at the Silverlake Flea Market, has now grown to a successful lifestyle brand selling vintage clothing and accessories to creative individuals domestically and around the globe.